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Grupfy is your definitive platform for managing and generating results for associations and communities.

Some of our customers

Web + Mobile Application

With a 100% web platform, we facilitate the management of your members and integrate communication in different channels, including mobile.


Your Recurring Charges on Automatic

Say goodbye to payment slip and manual e-mails.
Automate your Finance, charging your members in a professional and automated way.

Member Mobile App

Convergence of content and relationship for your members.

mobile app for communities

Gestão de membros

Segmentação de membros por diferentes perfis. Crie grupos a vontade para otimizar a comunicação e gestão da sua comunidade.

Votação online, de forma segura.

Listen to your members and promote online elections.

We have a set of generation of dynamic forms to communicate and make decisions dynamically with your members.

Centralized Documents

And with access permission

Share documents with your members, public, restricted, dynamically.


Membership Relationship Management.

Online Membership Management Platform.

Say goodbye to many tools that don't work together. 

With Grupfy you have everything in one place.

We dynamize and facilitate your relationship and impact, as a group. Transform the relationship with your members network: Transition to the Social Network model 

Grupfy Blog

Online Conference Productivity

Associations and organizations are organizing online conferences given the delicate moment we are experiencing. This post has great tips for your association or community

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